Junior Teams

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Team Description Coach & Contact Details
Junior/Youth Co-ordinator  
Youth 13th to 17th Grade  
Tikipunga 17th grade TBA
Tikipunga 15th grade Squad Coach TBA
Manager Orange                       
Manager Blue TBA
Tikipunga 13th grade TBA
Manager TBA
Mini Football 9th to 12th Grade  
Tikipunga 12th grade Orange TBA
Tikipunga 12th grade Blue TBA
Tikipunga 11th grade Orange TBA
Tikipunga 11th grade Blue TBA
Tikipunga 10th grade Blue TBA
Manager TBA
Tikipunga 9th grade TBA
Manager TBA
Midget Co-ordinator  
Fun Football 7th to 8th Grade  
8th Grade TBA
7th Grade        TBA
First Kicks 5th to 6th Grade  
6th Grade                      
5th Grade TBA
Game Results:  



Tikipunga AFC
PO Box 7008
Whangarei 0144

Ph 09 437 5744 or
Mob 0221 398744

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