Rain extinguishes Tikipunga's fire

14/08/2012 09:16

Tikipunga vs. Kamo, 11th August 2012

Rain extinguishes Tikipunga's fire

By Arriane Christie

The heavy rain had a big impact on the Tikipunga game plan, which didn’t fire against Kamo in their league match at Kamo on Saturday. The home side made the most of the conditions to claim the 1-nil win.

Both teams started the game at pace and had attacking chances in the first ten minutes. Tikipunga looked the slightly better side having more time in the opposition half, but they were unable to create any strikes to put real pressure on Kamo.

Tikipunga coach Clive Adams said after the game that his team’s “inability to score really cost us that game.”

The tide of the game started to turn about 30 minutes into the first half and Kamo had long periods on attack. Tikipunga goalkeeper, and the team’s man of the match, Michael Buchanan was forced to make several good saves. He was showing confidence in goal and making his presence known. But the Tikipunga defensemen were still struggling to clear the ball.

The scores were locked nil-all at the break.

In the second half, the conditions worsened and Adams told his team the side to score first would win. But that was to be Kamo. They took advantage of a scrambling Tikipunga defence 15 minutes into the second half. Messy play in front of goal and Tikipunga’s inability to clear the ball left Kamo’s Joseph Luiten with too much room at the top of the box. His shot sailed over the outstretched Buchanan into the top left corner, giving Kamo the one-nil lead.

With heavy rain falling, the pitch developed a layer of surface water, causing the ball to stop when played along the ground. Tikipunga’s short ball passing was rendered useless and the game became harder for them to chase. The team structure seemed to fall apart and Kamo started to dominate the game.

Adams said his team didn’t fire in the second half, and after Kamo scored, they were on the back foot. The win to Kamo means they retain the Dave Wilson trophy and take a clear led at the top of the league ladder, while Tikipunga remain in fourth place.




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