Kamo scalp keeps Cup goal alive

30/07/2012 10:12

Tikipunga vs. Kamo, Stafford Choat Cup, 28th July 2012

Kamo scalp keeps Cup goal alive

By Arriane Christie

Tikipunga took another step towards their Cup goal on Saturday after beating Kamo 1-nil at Tikipunga and advancing to round three of the Stafford Choat Cup competition.

Tikipunga coach Clive Adams said his team’s focus for the last few weeks has been on winning games in the Cup competitions. With their record now four weeks without a loss, including the Kamo scalp, the team are looking more confident heading further into the knockout competition.

The evenly contested match started with both teams getting their share of the ball on a wet and slippery surface. Kamo had the first real chance to score after 40 minutes when a corner kick bounced around in the box before it was saved off the line by Tikipunga defence man Gary Langley.

But it was Tikipunga who took advantage of their opportunity to score when a Ringa Dalton break-away lead to an attacking play. After carrying the ball up the right, Dalton made a cross kick chip which Josh Morunga got on the end of and headed home for the opening goal just before half time.

Adams knew that keeping the lead would be difficult and urged his boys to be the first to score after the break. But it was the Kamo coach who was using stern words at half time, his team not used to being in a losing position.

Straight after the break Tikipunga had two good chances on goal before a long period of attack by Kamo put the Tikipunga defence under pressure.  Tikipunga couldn’t keep the ball at their feet, often giving it away in the midfield, allowing Kamo to keep the pressure on.

Unable to convert a number of chances, Kamo started to look panicky, while Tikipunga stayed composed on defence. Paul Brown and Michael Buchanan directed their team well from the back and Tikipunga dug deep on the heavy track to keep Kamo out.

Adams complimented his team saying “I was a bit nervous about the corners [that Kamo had] in that last ten minutes...but the boys hung on and that was great. They worked really hard.”

Tikipunga are the only local side to have beaten Kamo this year.




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