Club History: part 3 of 3

The soccer part of the club is still doing well, and at senior men, women and junior lever have won a fair share of championship and knockout trophy’s over the years. Tikipunga players over the years have also frequently been chosen to play in senior and junior Northland Provincial Representative Teams. With the advent of the Federation concept for soccer in New Zealand, we now come under the jurisdiction of United Soccer 1 (Federation 1). This includes clubs from all points in an area from the Far North, to north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Tikipunga entered a team in the new Federation wide first division competition and did reasonably well, however, it was recognised that to achieve the highest competition and to provide a real pathway for our players to develop and become the best in the country, something more had to be done. With the assistance and facilitation from United Soccer 1, Tikipunga joined together with Kamo Soccer (our closest neighbours, and a seemingly natural progression), in a partnership to form a franchised club concept called North Force. This allows both clubs to combine the playing resources without requiring transfers between clubs. It also allows for 2nd-tier affiliation membership for other clubs who want to be part of the concept without the financial burden of being full partners. Their players would also be free to move in and out of the North Force teams without transferring. The goal of obtaining a place in the top football competition in New Zealand is high on the propriety list of the franchised clubs, and who knows where it will lead us in the future, but with tremendous goodwill and cooperation for the better good, it surely won’t fail.

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