Club History: part 1 of 3

by Bill Gibson (6 January 2005)

Just a few words about our club, where we came from, where we are at and hopefully, where we see ourselves headed in the future.

The club started around 1967 with two or three junior teams playing out of the primary school, coached by some enthusiastic people (Colin Burgess, Cliff Senior, to name a couple) in Whangarei’s fastest growing suburb around that time. The number of teams grew rapidly as soccer was the only winter sports code played in Tikipunga at that stage. As funds would allow, some of the player's wives purchased some orange and royal blue material which was on special, thus the official club colours were born!!

It wasn’t long before quite a few of the senior players living in Tikipunga, but playing with other clubs in the city (mainly from Whangarei AFC, who later became Whangarei City and now known as FC Whangarei), decided to start a senior side.

The Tikipunga Association Football Club was born in 1972, and a year later was duly registered as an incorporated society. Tikipunga was the first soccer club to be incorporated north of the harbour bridge. A team was entered in each of the then 1st and 2nd divisions of the Northland Football Association’s competitions, and subsequently won all of the 1st division available trophies in the first year of entry.

The club continued to grow and were at the forefront of many innovative and forward thinking ideas for promoting the game in and around Whangarei. Soccer being the only winter code established at Tikipunga at that time, the club was swamped by heaps of young kids from about four years of age up wanting to play the game. The club applied for, and were given permission to establish a mini-midgets grade, as there was no existing competition for the very young ones and this proved to be tremendously successful.

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